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At Hot Dog Holidays you can book pet friendly accommodations. Since 2002 we offer you and your pet more than 250.000 hotels, holiday homes, b&b’s and campings in the UK, Ireland, Spain, France and other European countries, each of which you can easily book online.

Booking with Hot Dog Holidays gives you the guarantee that you are just as welcome as your pet!

Our goal is to make your holidays with pet as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Rules and regulations for travel with pets vary per country. Make sure you are informed about the rules of each country you travel through before making your reservation, as some countries do not allow certain types or races of pets.

Not all pets are suited to travel, and not all holidays are suited for taking pets.

Things to keep in mind when traveling with your pet

  • What are the needs of my pet?
    If your pet is highly active or maybe nervous, the best option is to take him to a rural destination, with lots of nature and not many people. On the other hand, if your pet doesn’t mind multitudes, you can easily take him on a city trip or beach holiday.
  • Can I leave my pet alone in the hotel room without bothering other guests, or causing damage?
    It is inevitable that you will need to leave your pet alone at some point during your holidays. For example, in a lot of countries it is quite common that restaurants do not welcome pets. It is important for you to consider this before traveling, for your comfort as well as that of everyone else. Taking your pet should be a joy, not a burden.
  • Which activities would you like to do during the holidays?
    If you plan to spend much of your time on the beach, find out if there is a pet friendly beach in the area of your destination. If you like to undertake sports, cultural, or nautical activities, make sure you plan them well and maybe arrange a pet-sitter for the duration of the activity. Of course, the favourite activity of your dog will always be a long walk with its owner 😉


Travel tips for a pleasant holiday with your pet

As lovers of both pets and travel, we have a great responsibility to maintain and maybe even improve the reputation of travelling with our pets. Just one negative incident is often enough for the owner of the hotel or holiday home to cease to allow pets in their establishment. And that is a shame! Here are a couple of tips to make sure your pet is a charmer on holiday.


  • Make sure you leave your accommodation as you found it and how you would like to find it. It is a privilege to take your pet, don’t lose it.
  • Keep your pet under control at all times. Other guests may not want to be licked to death by your pet, even if you feel its affectionate.
  • If you wish to take a day trip out or visit tourist sites, make arrangements for your pet. Don’t leave him home alone. Who knows what he could get up to. A good tip is to find a local kennel with space for a day. Some accommodations also offer dog sitting service.
  • Respect any restrictions from accommodation owners. You aren’t the first guests and you won’t be the last, but they don’t have to take your pets.
  • Please clean up after your dog at all times. There is nothing worse than stepping in something, especially when children might be about.
  • Be aware of being in a foreign country, other cultures may view your dog very differently and be far less tolerant.
  • Always comply with local regulations, “no dogs on beaches” or “dogs on a lead”, or you may find the local justice system has you tied up whilst on holiday.
  • This also applies to respecting other cultures and their customs. I.E. French restaurants may allow a dog in but only well behaved dogs.

Make sure you bring its bed, and a blanket to cover the sofa or any other furniture, if your dog has a habit of jumping on furniture.

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